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NIRVANA-R is a real-time network visualizer helping effectively network problem restoring and network monitoring.

Visualized network communication lets the network administrators take fast actions to restore network problems such as heavy traffic, link disconnection, wrong network setting at network configuration change etc..
Thus, for the network administrators, not only work load reduction but also operational cost reduction are achieved.



Filtering function allows user to view and narrow-down any specific communication.

  • IP address Filtering : By source/destination IP address
  • Protocol : By protocol such as UDP, ICMP, TCP Syn-Ack etc.
  • Port Number : By port number
  • Sensor ID : By the sensor which captured the traffic.
  • Area : By the group where network devices are belonging to. (Defined by Visio file)

* Each filter can be used in combination


Flexible Setting for Viewing

  • Viewpoint setting (3D and automatic rotation)
  • Items selectable for visible/invisible
  • Packet display optimization to suite for the graphic display performance
  • Switching Animation Mode

* Supports Zoom-in, zoom-out, rotating, pause, and continuous image capturing


Two modes for visualizing network

Packet Mode

Network traffic visualization by packet.
Using both destination and source address in a packet header, traffic between network segments will be displayed.
3D display will be based on both port number and payload length.
Clicking a packet will show the detail.

■ How to display Traffic

  • Protocol mode : Protocols by color
  • Area mode : Destinations by color
  • Sensor ID mode : Sensor ID by color
  • IP address mode : IP address by color
  • Port number mode : Port number by color


■ Detail packet information

  • Time : Captured time
  • Src IPaddr : Source IP address
  • Dst IPaddr : Destination IP address
  • Src Port : Source Port
  • Dst Port : Destination port
  • Protocol : Protocol
  • Src Area : Source area
  • Dst Area : Destination area
  • SensorID : Sensor ID
Packet Mode

Degree of the leaning can be set up by the protocol for the packet object to be displayed


Flow Mode

Traffic between network segments will be displayed by height of ribbon line and color scale.
Depending on the traffic volume, color/width/height of the line will change.

Traffic volume can be selected from either number of packests, or payload length.

Flow Mode


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